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Contact us if you need flexible snow hoses or spare parts for your snow guns. For a customization or an improvement of your equipment, Snö Innovation has the biggest inventory of spare parts for snowmaking equipments in Canada and also the best accessories available on the market.


Better Under Pressure!
Working under pressure is what the BREATHER snow hose has been doing best for many years now. As the new generation of Nolka, no wonder the BREATHER is the safest and most reliable hose on the market. BREATHER’s exclusive construction, patented Mertex and Permatek treatments make for a hose that reduces downtime, improves safety and increases cost efficiency.

Increased production, less costs :

  • 40% less pressure loss increases your snow production
  • Hoses maintain flexibility and maneuverability to -55°C (-65°F).
  • 33% lighter facilitates handling and decreases worker’s exhaustion.

Increased security :

  • High pressure resistance due to continuous polyester filaments (burnt pressure over 2000 psi).
  • Exceeds all NFPA performance standards.
  • Extruded aluminum couplers with hard coated treatment.
  • Natural rubber gasket stays flexible at cold temperatures allowing easy coupling.

Long lasting hoses :

Le traitement Permatek

  • Reduces moisture absorption, prevent mildew build-up.
  • Reduces deterioration caused by UV rays and the ozone.
  • Resists deterioration caused by chemical and petroleum products.

The Mertex process :

  • Completely resistant to oil residues from air compressors.



It’s not just a pipe. It’s snowmaking solution that boosts profitability. Alvenius FlowMax TP pipes have all the properties you need for the most economic snowmaking.Light weight, extremely low flow resistance, ease of installation and long service life are built into every metre.

40% Cost Reduction

  • Quality and exceptional lifetime

Optimized Snow Production

  • Greater fluidity
  • Reduces energy consumption by up to 50%
  • Reduces downtime caused by corrosion
  • Real time replacement of damaged or frozen sections

Unique and superior coupling system

  • Easy and quick installation by your employees
  • No need for subcontracting
  • Machine grooved process
  • Ability to handle high pressures and soil movement
  • Superior angulation capabilities
  • Reduces breakage caused by welding ruptures

Reduces operating expenses

  • Reduces piping and equipment maintenance costs (hydrants, valves, snow guns)

Design et qualité de fabrication

  • Easy handling due to its light weight
  • Durabilité des traitements de protection
  • Durable protective treatments

Quality and environment

Alvenius® is certified according to ISO 9001:2008, quality and ISO 14001, environment. All pipes are pressure tested to 1,5 times the classified working pressure.

  • Less raw material
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Energy efficient manufacturing
  • Longer product life
  • Green installation
  • Smaller pumps
  • Recyclable