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Artificial Snow made by Snö Innovation is done to be more resistant and with the thickness desired for every kind of event. Event usually need a high quantity of snow at a precise moment. See how Snö Innovation can help you!

Mobile artificial snow for events

Do you need more snow for a special event, a sculpture, an ice bridge, ski slopes or a race track? Wherever you need snow, Snö Innovation is there for you.

Building such a structure requires a lot of snow. Mother Nature doesn’t always provide the amount required in time to finish your project. In addition, natural snow very rarely has the optimal texture. You not only have to consider the amount of snow, but also at its ability to fulfill the mission you want to give it.

With Snö Innovation’s mobile artificial snowmaking service, we can travel to your event and make your life easier. That is, if you want a precise amount of snow, with good consistency to build structures, sculptures, slopes, trails and much more! Ask our team to help you with your specific needs, and we’ll be happy to customize our service to your event.

We work to satisfy your needs and make your plans a reality.

Whether it’s for snowmaking, grooming or maintenance, Snö Innovation takes care of everything to make sure your event is a success.